Spring has arrived and we could not be more excited!

With Spring comes a fresh new look, wedding season and of course, warmer weather!

For the home:

Make time for a big spring cleaning and add a few pops of color to your home!


We love a pretty wreath! Welcoming, decorative and fresh!

spring 5

Try switching out heavy curtains or blinds for a sheer fabric – this makes any space feel light and airy

Spring 6

Pick a spring scent – we love these options from Chapter/Indigo (pink citron & pure peony blush)

pink citron pure peony blush


spring 1 spring 2

plants 62ff084b1e94bfc5a910b25e5d67476b

In love with all the bright colors, fresh flowers and sweet details that go into pretty spring events!



welcome bags

We’ve been dreaming about destination weddings lately and with that comes welcoming guests to (possibly) a new city and to your big day!

We are all about the welcome bag; whether guests are travelling 2 hours or across the country, a welcome bag is that extra touch to make them feel special upon arrival.


Here are some of our best tips for creating welcome bags everyone will love:

1. Ensure there is something for everyone. You don’t want the bags to be too gender or age specific. Try to fill it with small items that are “one size fits all” or prepare a girls bag and guy’s bag.

2. Include something local. That’s what the adventure is all about!

3. Prepare a hand written card. This makes it personal and truly shows you put thought into making your guests feel welcome and appreciated.

4. Choose items that are useful or a one-time use only. You don’t want people travelling home with “junk”.

5. Print a map of the area and include a list of things to do or see. This will have your guests excited to explore.

Make it extra personalized by adding notes about why you chose the destination and which activities/tours you have done.

Happy Planning!

Engagement Party Planning

Happy Friday!

Spring is just around the corner (we hope :) ) and that means sunshine, weddings and a lot of celebrating!

Planning an engagement party can be a little bit overwhelming yet also exciting! This is the first big moment of the wedding planning process and a chance to share your big news with the ones you love.

Not everyone chooses to have an engagement party but for those who have decided to, we are sharing some planning tips to ensure you enjoy the process!

1. Work as a team. With the changes in tradition, the engagement party duties no longer have to be left up to one host. Work together with a few close friends or family members to assign tasks and bring together an event without all the stress!

Or hire an event planner. For those who can, leaving it up to the pros to make it all happen leaves more time for other things on life’s to-do list!

2. Choose a theme or color scheme. This tip apples to every event you plan; big or small. Having a guideline to follow or a vision to come back to helps all the details come together much easier.

3. Determine a budget. Whether it is large or small affair, things add up quickly and you don’t want to feel bad about the money you spent when it is all over. Choose a number you are comfortable with and look up some creative projects you  can do. Regardless of your budget, you’ll be sure to have an amazing party!

4. Put together an invitation list. Even if you are planning a casual dinner or cocktail hour be sure to have a guest list and send invitations. It will make it that much more special.

*One item to keep in mind – those invited to your engagement party should also be invited to your wedding. Not sure who should be invited? Keep it intimate and simple with only your closest friends and family.

5. ENJOY! This is your first party as an engaged couple. Wear something that makes you feel special and enjoy celebrating this new adventure with the ones you love.

Made with Repix (http://repix.it) 1993d3935f9bae87c05a6564bad366ca 9f80f70b36fb3db20223f9020ee976ae

Happy Planning!

Inviting children to weddings

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Here at TCD we love children! The photos, the laughs, the surprises.

That being said, we know there are often debates as to whether or not children should be on your guest list and today we are sharing tips for both scenarios.

 37c4d6fde07c4a1cd56c04c96b8c360a kids

Our job as wedding planners is to help you with any decision you make.  If you decide to have an adult-only guest-list, we will help ensure your invitation are clear and that the necessary information is sent to your friends and families. Alternatively, if you are planning on having kiddos at the big event – we have ideas to keep them busy and happy!

No Kids on the guest list please!

1. Address your invitations appropriately. Be abundantly clear and only list the names of the parents (adults) you are inviting.

2. Consider helping your friends have a night away. For those inviting couples with children, recommend a babysitter you trust or go to the extra mile and hire a couple sitters yourself; you could even have the kids that know each other all gather at one home.

Let’s invite kids!

content wedding_10

1. Kids can do a great job getting the party started on the dance floor- no one can quite bust a move like a 5 year old!

2. Be sure to provide snacks and games for the children to keep them entertained, we love little treat bags on their seats at the ceremony or reception.

3. Have a kids area that is fun! Mini tables, colouring, games, a DVD player with the latest Disney movie and sleeping bags for when it’s time for a nap.

4. Hire a caregiver to attend your reception and help watch the children so parents can enjoy the party.

Have fun with the kids! They can so easily provide a spontaneous atmosphere and will create many great moments for your photographer and guests.

Happy Planning!

chilly celebrations

With engagement season in full swing, our social media and blogging has definitely been focused on weddings.

That being said, we still want to share some inspiration for all those other wonderful celebrations!

For those celebrating a birthday, new baby, new home or any occasion, here’s some inspiration for including lovely winter details..

Tables & Food Stations:

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Decor & Details



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Happy Planning! Stay Warm

ask the expert

Good morning everyone, happy Monday!

I am so excited to have this post up on the blog.

We love a happy bride and sometimes a few tips from the experts can ease those nerves and make the process that much more enjoyable. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked wedding planning questions and today we are sharing our answers!

1. How far in advance should I start planning and bookings vendors?

Depending on your location, 12-9 months is ideal for beginning the planning process. If you are interested in a popular venue for a Saturday date, you should start as soon as possible! The details can come later.

2. What is the best time of year to get married?

This depends on so many factors. Every season has its benefits. Keep in mind Fridays and Sundays tend to be more budget-friendly.

3. How do I get my dream wedding to fit my budget?

This is all about managing expectations and finding a balance. The beauty of the internet is that is provides us with so many ideas and inspiration (sometimes without the costs). Working with a wedding planner, or having a very realistic idea of what things cost is a great starting point. You can then prioritize and make compromises.

Quick tip: We love the idea of the DIY bride – it completely makes the day personalized. It can however, end up costing you more. Some things are better left to professionals.

4. How do I choose vendors when there are so many photographers/DJs/florists/decorators/planners etc. out there?

Recommendations from the industry or friends who have booked these vendors would be my first response. Secondly, there are some great websites for wedding vendor reviews.

I also think meeting vendors is so important. What worked for someone else may not work for you and meeting a vendor in person will help you determine whether or not you connect and give you the opportunity to have an open discussion about your vision and their services.

5. How do I manage my guest list? I don’t know how to avoid the plus one?

Managing your guest list can be a tricky point. If you are trying to keep the wedding small, you should! Those who are truly happy for you will appreciate that (without being offended).

Avoiding the plus one is all about the invitation – more on this coming soon!

6. I want to do my own planning but don’t want to stress on my wedding day, what is Day of Coordination?

Day of Coordination packages are great for brides who have done or want to do most of the planning. They have a vision, they are organized, they have the time however they just want to enjoy the wedding day.

This package usually consists of a month of work together to understand the couple’s vision for their day, creating a timeline, finalizing timing with vendors and then a full day of coordination to ensure everything runs smoothly. We cover all those details so you can enjoy this time with friends and family.

7. What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

A venue coordinator works for the venue. They are the go-to for venue related questions and can definitely have good advice regarding the space or the inclusions of the venue. If an issue arises concerning another vendor, timing or guests, they (usually) cannot assist.

A wedding planner works for you – we take care of all the aspects and details regarding your wedding day.

8. I am engaged and don’t know where to start – the whole process seems overwhelming.

Prioritize. Although it can be overwhelming, not everything has to be done at once.

Make a list of the items to start with (date, location, style) and then create a timeline to give yourself goals along the way. There are many resources online.

Meet with a wedding planner. There are different package options to meet your budget. Our goal is to ensure you enjoy the planning process and have the most special day.

More questions? Just ask! info@thecreativedetails.ca

Happy Planning!

Meet Tonia

Tonia was part of the TCD team last season joining me as a wedding day coordinator and she has been such a great addition. As we get ready for the 2015 season, I thought it would be a great time for all of you to meet her as well!

One of the top lessons I have learned in business? Work with people you like and trust. It is so important to feel comfortable knowing you have a strong team around you.

Tonia brings her inviting personality, strong organization skills, her ability to multi task and think calmly in any situation to TCD and I could not be happier to be working together.

*Another business lesson side note; Not only is it great to enjoy those you work with but it is also important to work with people who balance you. Tonia is my go-to for logistics and remembers everything I tell her when I am working through lists upon lists filled with details or new ideas.

I asked Tonia a few questions so you could all get to know her better, here’s what she answered!

a. How do you describe your role as a wedding planner?

 I would describe my role as a kind of coach, and an encourager. Pulling on my experiences from past weddings I’m there to help the couple work through their ideas, and give advice; offering new ideas when needed. On the wedding day my role as the wedding planner is to make sure things happen the way the Bride and Groom have planned. I think one of the most important roles of a wedding planner is to alleviate any stress that may be on the Bride and Groom, and make sure they enjoy themselves throughout the planning process, and especially on their wedding day. I also think it is important to do the same for the families, so that they don’t spend the wedding day running around, but enjoy the time with their son/daughter and family.

b. Top 3 moments of the wedding day?

 I actually couldn’t narrow it down to 3, and I would probably have many more if I kept going.

So here’s my top 4:

1.  I love watching a good First Look

2.  That moment before the Bride walks down the aisle and your straightening her dress. She’s asking if she looks alright as she takes a big breath before heading down the aisle … I love being part of that moment

3.  When the ceremony is done and the bride and groom come running down the aisle. They are just so excited, or possibly relieved!

4.  Transforming a reception venue into a completely different space and then showing the Bride and Groom for the first time

c. Favorite trends for 2015?

The personalization that couples are bringing to menus and food items creates a lovely atmosphere around the table. Whether it be from tasting stations, to the couples favourite foods served family style. I think anyway the couple can personalize their day is always a hit with their guests!

Another trend I love are the uncovered harvest tables, I love the look of beautiful flower arrangements on a dark wood table surrounded by amazing silverware and vintage dishes.

1 2 3

Stay tuned, more from TCD coming soon!

Happy Planning

the perfect palette

Writing this post has been so much fun! There are a lot of pretty palettes trending for 2015 and we are loving the combination of glam with neutrals and natural textures.

Here are our favorite picks! We can’t wait to see yours


Pantone’s Spring 2015 Color Palette is amazing. The warm tones and blues are sure to make some gorgeous event designs!

Moving towards the summer, fall and winter, I am expecting a lot of other pretty combinations..


I just love the way these pink and gray tones complement Pantone’s color of the year!


Navy and blush; one of my personal favorites! Replace blush with ivories and you have such an elegant look.


Sangria and Gold! This palette presents so many opportunities for play with design. More to come on this one!


Just love.

black and gold

With Kate Spade inspired looks all over the internet, it is no wonder black and gold are one of the most popular event color palettes. We love the pop of pink and of course, glitter!



Did you know purple remains one of the most popular colors for weddings? I like the way different tones can be combined to create different looks. For the fall of 2015, I am predicting a lot of jewel tones; drama, elegance and bold accents!


Happy Planning!


2015 is going to be an amazing year, I can just feel it!

The first TCD meeting of 2015 happened yesterday and we are SO excited of what is to come. I find that somehow sharing content online makes us more accountable to reach our targets, it’s an external motivation to support the anxiety/fear/excitement that comes with the internal drive.

The response from readers is so energizing and the relationships we have built makes every step of projects so rewarding.


This year we made not only personal goals but business goals as well.

We are so excited to share this adventure with all of you and we are working extra hard to make sure things happen!

Stay tuned,

Happy Planning!


2014 favorites

As the end of the year approaches, we’ve taken a moment to look back at 2014 and we are feeling so blessed for the wonderful moments we were able to share with friends, family and clients (as well as their friends and family!)


The best brunch with the best friends!


Some fun in the sun celebrating a very special birthday!

IMG_00000343  Untitled

liberty grand

Beautiful weddings in beautiful spaces with BLE!

IMG_00000089 IMG_00000090

An exciting delivery from Martha Stewart Home Office/Avery Products.

10622377_10152785193866756_1791816625_n Whitney-Heard-Photography_2015-Forcast_Wedding-Bells-07

2 amazing shoots with the oh so talented Whitney Heard Photography (more to come!)


A girls trip with a great view

fb cover

MS1_4077 10403700_10152162831953372_4240266765405874419_n


More wonderful weddings!

SC5 cookies SC#

A roadtrip to to the sunny south with my favorite guy was the best way to relax after a crazy/busy/awesome summer


Bought this book one morning, finished it that afternoon. Loved it.

IMG_20141120_190628 10384847_811541992220201_522155532930296238_n

Hosted the first TCD networking event!


Our first home was purchased in 2014. I can’t wait to truly make this house a home, make the new TCD office an inspiring space and create heart warming experience for all who visit!


Thank you to everyone who was part of the big moments, and the small moments of 2014, we cannot thank you enough for your support, friendships, challenges and laughs!


Wishing everyone a 2015 filled with love, success and happiness!