Day of Coordination: Service Details

Couples often question their need for a wedding planner. Is it in the budget? Will we loose control over the type of celebration we envision?

Great news! It doesn’t have to be a yes or no question. There is a happy medium for couples who may not be able to afford full planning services or who enjoy the planning process yet are looking for someone certified to be there on the day of the wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Day of Coordination services start approximately 2 months prior to your wedding day and give you that time to breathe and feel at ease that all details will be taken care of so you can enjoy with friends and family.

What is Day of Coordination?

  • The planner you hire as a day of coordinator will become the main contact for your vendors. He or she will finalize details and timing to create an itinerary that is concise for all.
  • He or She will meet with you to discuss all the details of your wedding day and create the itinerary and timeline leading up to the wedding day.
  • He or She will attend your rehearsal (and coordinate if needed)
  • He or She will be there for the duration of your wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly and be the main point of contact to ensure any concerns/issues are handled discreetly.

Additional inclusions:

  • Ceremony and reception set up
  • Ceremony line up & reception introduction orchestration
  • Continuous tracking of itinerary, deliveries, arrivals, set ups etc.
  • Disbursement of Payments & Gratuities
  • Access to wedding planner’s emergency kit etc.

Interested in Day of Coordination services? Let’s chat!

Happy Planning!


Spring has arrived and we could not be more excited!

With Spring comes a fresh new look, wedding season and of course, warmer weather!

For the home:

Make time for a big spring cleaning and add a few pops of color to your home!


We love a pretty wreath! Welcoming, decorative and fresh!

spring 5

Try switching out heavy curtains or blinds for a sheer fabric – this makes any space feel light and airy

Spring 6

Pick a spring scent – we love these options from Chapter/Indigo (pink citron & pure peony blush)

pink citron pure peony blush


spring 1 spring 2

plants 62ff084b1e94bfc5a910b25e5d67476b

In love with all the bright colors, fresh flowers and sweet details that go into pretty spring events!



welcome bags

We’ve been dreaming about destination weddings lately and with that comes welcoming guests to (possibly) a new city and to your big day!

We are all about the welcome bag; whether guests are travelling 2 hours or across the country, a welcome bag is that extra touch to make them feel special upon arrival.


Here are some of our best tips for creating welcome bags everyone will love:

1. Ensure there is something for everyone. You don’t want the bags to be too gender or age specific. Try to fill it with small items that are “one size fits all” or prepare a girls bag and guy’s bag.

2. Include something local. That’s what the adventure is all about!

3. Prepare a hand written card. This makes it personal and truly shows you put thought into making your guests feel welcome and appreciated.

4. Choose items that are useful or a one-time use only. You don’t want people travelling home with “junk”.

5. Print a map of the area and include a list of things to do or see. This will have your guests excited to explore.

Make it extra personalized by adding notes about why you chose the destination and which activities/tours you have done.

Happy Planning!

Engagement Party Planning

Happy Friday!

Spring is just around the corner (we hope :) ) and that means sunshine, weddings and a lot of celebrating!

Planning an engagement party can be a little bit overwhelming yet also exciting! This is the first big moment of the wedding planning process and a chance to share your big news with the ones you love.

Not everyone chooses to have an engagement party but for those who have decided to, we are sharing some planning tips to ensure you enjoy the process!

1. Work as a team. With the changes in tradition, the engagement party duties no longer have to be left up to one host. Work together with a few close friends or family members to assign tasks and bring together an event without all the stress!

Or hire an event planner. For those who can, leaving it up to the pros to make it all happen leaves more time for other things on life’s to-do list!

2. Choose a theme or color scheme. This tip apples to every event you plan; big or small. Having a guideline to follow or a vision to come back to helps all the details come together much easier.

3. Determine a budget. Whether it is large or small affair, things add up quickly and you don’t want to feel bad about the money you spent when it is all over. Choose a number you are comfortable with and look up some creative projects you  can do. Regardless of your budget, you’ll be sure to have an amazing party!

4. Put together an invitation list. Even if you are planning a casual dinner or cocktail hour be sure to have a guest list and send invitations. It will make it that much more special.

*One item to keep in mind – those invited to your engagement party should also be invited to your wedding. Not sure who should be invited? Keep it intimate and simple with only your closest friends and family.

5. ENJOY! This is your first party as an engaged couple. Wear something that makes you feel special and enjoy celebrating this new adventure with the ones you love.

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Happy Planning!

Inviting children to weddings

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Here at TCD we love children! The photos, the laughs, the surprises.

That being said, we know there are often debates as to whether or not children should be on your guest list and today we are sharing tips for both scenarios.

 37c4d6fde07c4a1cd56c04c96b8c360a kids

Our job as wedding planners is to help you with any decision you make.  If you decide to have an adult-only guest-list, we will help ensure your invitation are clear and that the necessary information is sent to your friends and families. Alternatively, if you are planning on having kiddos at the big event – we have ideas to keep them busy and happy!

No Kids on the guest list please!

1. Address your invitations appropriately. Be abundantly clear and only list the names of the parents (adults) you are inviting.

2. Consider helping your friends have a night away. For those inviting couples with children, recommend a babysitter you trust or go to the extra mile and hire a couple sitters yourself; you could even have the kids that know each other all gather at one home.

Let’s invite kids!

content wedding_10

1. Kids can do a great job getting the party started on the dance floor- no one can quite bust a move like a 5 year old!

2. Be sure to provide snacks and games for the children to keep them entertained, we love little treat bags on their seats at the ceremony or reception.

3. Have a kids area that is fun! Mini tables, colouring, games, a DVD player with the latest Disney movie and sleeping bags for when it’s time for a nap.

4. Hire a caregiver to attend your reception and help watch the children so parents can enjoy the party.

Have fun with the kids! They can so easily provide a spontaneous atmosphere and will create many great moments for your photographer and guests.

Happy Planning!