Trending: unique dishware

With today’s endless supply of inspiration, it can be difficult to decide which trends you want to incorporate into your wedding day or special celebration. Patterns, colors and textures are making a big appearance and for those who prefer a simple, classic style it’s all about finding a balance.

We love the idea of unique rentals. Whether it’s cutlery, dishes or glasses, there are now so many options to make place settings pop while holding a classic look.

Here are some of our favourites to inspire:

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A textured or colored charger plate instantly creates elegance.

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Experiment with shapes. We love the fun feel of a square or scalloped plate.

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Colored plate adds so much fun to a table!

Looking for a smaller touch of color? Opt for gold silverware or a trimmed plate.

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Happy Planning!

Trending: watercolor

One of my favourite trends for 2015 has been watercolour.

I love the way this technique allows you to control the amount of color you incorporate into your decor/stationary/cake etc. Whether you want a look that is fun and bright, deep and rich or light and romantic – this application makes it happen!

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We can’t wait to see more of this look!

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Bridal Shower Themes

It’s the season for showers, weddings, bachelorettes and celebrations! To assist in making your bride feel special, we’re sharing some fun shower themes!

1. The Tea Party. A classic theme that can be customized to fit any bride! Choose a fun color scheme, bite size treats and of course, a great selection of teas (hot and cold).

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2. Champagne Brunch. Celebrate with a pop of glitter and make your bride feel super special and glamorous with pretty details, fun games and bubbly.

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 3. The DIY afternoon. Choose a fun activity to do with your girls. Whether it’s a personalized mug, tote or centrepieces, have fun creating together.

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4. The Spa Party. Prepare a stations and have everyone bring a few nail polish colours. Put together a small bag with nail file and accessories for each guest and take turns giving each other manicures.

Looking to splurge? Have a mobile spa come and pamper the group!

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5. Wine Tasting. Do your research and find some wine variations and pairing for the group. Spend the afternoon tasting, pairing and sharing stories of the bride.

A little more budget? Find a wine connoisseur to host the tasting at your home or venue and enjoy!

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Looking for assistance planning? We offer Pay as you go consultations or party in a box packages!

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