Summer 2016 Wedding Trends

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Christine has been hard at work compiling the top trends of the summer and we are so excited to share them with you! We’ve got tons of ideas on how these can be incorporated into celebrations and can’t wait to see how they come together in the next few months.

Summer Wedding Trends

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Top 10: Emergency Kit Essentials

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We’re starting a new blog feature, TCD’s Top 10. We’ll share our top 10 tips in different categories for all things wedding and event related to help you with all aspects of planning. First on the list, the top 10 items you should have in your wedding day emergency kit!

Emerg Kit Blog

If you’ve hired a planner, they will have this handy but if you haven’t, be sure to pack these items:

#1: First Aid Kit: Be ready for those mini emergencies!

#2: Snacks: Happy wife (or soon to be) = A happy life :)

#3: Phone charger: Save someone’s (battery) life!

#4: Stain remover pen: For those “Uh-oh” moments

#5: Advil/Tylenol: Get rid of those headaches quickly so you can enjoy the day!

#6: Double sided tape: For fashion and/or décor emergencies

#7: Sunscreen: No one likes a sun burn and it can happen so quickly on a warm summer day!

#8: Hand steamer: For those last minute crinkles!

#9: Pins (of all kinds and sizes): For last minute wardrobe and décor troubles!

#10:Scissors: From heavy duty to cosmetic.

*If you’ve incorporated a lot of DIY items – a glue gun is a great extra to have too!

 Happy Planning!