Setting the table

When it comes to your reception, the floorplan and tables will make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your wedding. Designing your tablescape can be a difficult task so we’ve come up with a few tips to make this process easier!


1. Ensure you follow the size guidelines; a crowded table with too many seats is never comfortable.

2. Don’t be afraid of textures. Using natural materials, various fabrics and layering dishes can do wonders for your table settings.

3. Consider heights. We love the use of high and low pieces however you want to consider the visual lines of your guests. Everyone at the table should be able to converse (without a centrepiece in the way).

4. Think about the little things. Will you have a full place settings on the day of your wedding? Use all the items on the mock up to ensure you have enough space for all the pieces you envision (in addition to the necessities – salt and pepper shakers!)

5. Personalize it! Are you a couple that loves to travel? Use the names of cities you have been to in place of table numbers. Are you marrying a soy bean farmer? Place soy beans in the bottom of the votives.

The thought that goes into the little details is what makes this day about you as a couple. Small adjustments to typical items can truly make your experience special.

Happy Planning!

Photography: Whitney Heard Photography

Florals: Living Fresh

Styling & Coordination: The Creative Details

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