Meet Tonia

Tonia was part of the TCD team last season joining me as a wedding day coordinator and she has been such a great addition. As we get ready for the 2015 season, I thought it would be a great time for all of you to meet her as well!

One of the top lessons I have learned in business? Work with people you like and trust. It is so important to feel comfortable knowing you have a strong team around you.

Tonia brings her inviting personality, strong organization skills, her ability to multi task and think calmly in any situation to TCD and I could not be happier to be working together.

*Another business lesson side note; Not only is it great to enjoy those you work with but it is also important to work with people who balance you. Tonia is my go-to for logistics and remembers everything I tell her when I am working through lists upon lists filled with details or new ideas.

I asked Tonia a few questions so you could all get to know her better, here’s what she answered!

a. How do you describe your role as a wedding planner?

 I would describe my role as a kind of coach, and an encourager. Pulling on my experiences from past weddings I’m there to help the couple work through their ideas, and give advice; offering new ideas when needed. On the wedding day my role as the wedding planner is to make sure things happen the way the Bride and Groom have planned. I think one of the most important roles of a wedding planner is to alleviate any stress that may be on the Bride and Groom, and make sure they enjoy themselves throughout the planning process, and especially on their wedding day. I also think it is important to do the same for the families, so that they don’t spend the wedding day running around, but enjoy the time with their son/daughter and family.

b. Top 3 moments of the wedding day?

 I actually couldn’t narrow it down to 3, and I would probably have many more if I kept going.

So here’s my top 4:

1.  I love watching a good First Look

2.  That moment before the Bride walks down the aisle and your straightening her dress. She’s asking if she looks alright as she takes a big breath before heading down the aisle … I love being part of that moment

3.  When the ceremony is done and the bride and groom come running down the aisle. They are just so excited, or possibly relieved!

4.  Transforming a reception venue into a completely different space and then showing the Bride and Groom for the first time

c. Favorite trends for 2015?

The personalization that couples are bringing to menus and food items creates a lovely atmosphere around the table. Whether it be from tasting stations, to the couples favourite foods served family style. I think anyway the couple can personalize their day is always a hit with their guests!

Another trend I love are the uncovered harvest tables, I love the look of beautiful flower arrangements on a dark wood table surrounded by amazing silverware and vintage dishes.

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Stay tuned, more from TCD coming soon!

Happy Planning

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