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Good morning everyone, happy Monday!

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We love a happy bride and sometimes a few tips from the experts can ease those nerves and make the process that much more enjoyable. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked wedding planning questions and today we are sharing our answers!

1. How far in advance should I start planning and bookings vendors?

Depending on your location, 12-9 months is ideal for beginning the planning process. If you are interested in a popular venue for a Saturday date, you should start as soon as possible! The details can come later.

2. What is the best time of year to get married?

This depends on so many factors. Every season has its benefits. Keep in mind Fridays and Sundays tend to be more budget-friendly.

3. How do I get my dream wedding to fit my budget?

This is all about managing expectations and finding a balance. The beauty of the internet is that is provides us with so many ideas and inspiration (sometimes without the costs). Working with a wedding planner, or having a very realistic idea of what things cost is a great starting point. You can then prioritize and make compromises.

Quick tip: We love the idea of the DIY bride – it completely makes the day personalized. It can however, end up costing you more. Some things are better left to professionals.

4. How do I choose vendors when there are so many photographers/DJs/florists/decorators/planners etc. out there?

Recommendations from the industry or friends who have booked these vendors would be my first response. Secondly, there are some great websites for wedding vendor reviews.

I also think meeting vendors is so important. What worked for someone else may not work for you and meeting a vendor in person will help you determine whether or not you connect and give you the opportunity to have an open discussion about your vision and their services.

5. How do I manage my guest list? I don’t know how to avoid the plus one?

Managing your guest list can be a tricky point. If you are trying to keep the wedding small, you should! Those who are truly happy for you will appreciate that (without being offended).

Avoiding the plus one is all about the invitation – more on this coming soon!

6. I want to do my own planning but don’t want to stress on my wedding day, what is Day of Coordination?

Day of Coordination packages are great for brides who have done or want to do most of the planning. They have a vision, they are organized, they have the time however they just want to enjoy the wedding day.

This package usually consists of a month of work together to understand the couple’s vision for their day, creating a timeline, finalizing timing with vendors and then a full day of coordination to ensure everything runs smoothly. We cover all those details so you can enjoy this time with friends and family.

7. What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

A venue coordinator works for the venue. They are the go-to for venue related questions and can definitely have good advice regarding the space or the inclusions of the venue. If an issue arises concerning another vendor, timing or guests, they (usually) cannot assist.

A wedding planner works for you – we take care of all the aspects and details regarding your wedding day.

8. I am engaged and don’t know where to start – the whole process seems overwhelming.

Prioritize. Although it can be overwhelming, not everything has to be done at once.

Make a list of the items to start with (date, location, style) and then create a timeline to give yourself goals along the way. There are many resources online.

Meet with a wedding planner. There are different package options to meet your budget. Our goal is to ensure you enjoy the planning process and have the most special day.

More questions? Just ask!

Happy Planning!

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