Inviting children to weddings

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Here at TCD we love children! The photos, the laughs, the surprises.

That being said, we know there are often debates as to whether or not children should be on your guest list and today we are sharing tips for both scenarios.

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Our job as wedding planners is to help you with any decision you make.  If you decide to have an adult-only guest-list, we will help ensure your invitation are clear and that the necessary information is sent to your friends and families. Alternatively, if you are planning on having kiddos at the big event – we have ideas to keep them busy and happy!

No Kids on the guest list please!

1. Address your invitations appropriately. Be abundantly clear and only list the names of the parents (adults) you are inviting.

2. Consider helping your friends have a night away. For those inviting couples with children, recommend a babysitter you trust or go to the extra mile and hire a couple sitters yourself; you could even have the kids that know each other all gather at one home.

Let’s invite kids!

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1. Kids can do a great job getting the party started on the dance floor- no one can quite bust a move like a 5 year old!

2. Be sure to provide snacks and games for the children to keep them entertained, we love little treat bags on their seats at the ceremony or reception.

3. Have a kids area that is fun! Mini tables, colouring, games, a DVD player with the latest Disney movie and sleeping bags for when it’s time for a nap.

4. Hire a caregiver to attend your reception and help watch the children so parents can enjoy the party.

Have fun with the kids! They can so easily provide a spontaneous atmosphere and will create many great moments for your photographer and guests.

Happy Planning!

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