welcome bags

We’ve been dreaming about destination weddings lately and with that comes welcoming guests to (possibly) a new city and to your big day!

We are all about the welcome bag; whether guests are travelling 2 hours or across the country, a welcome bag is that extra touch to make them feel special upon arrival.


Here are some of our best tips for creating welcome bags everyone will love:

1. Ensure there is something for everyone. You don’t want the bags to be too gender or age specific. Try to fill it with small items that are “one size fits all” or prepare a girls bag and guy’s bag.

2. Include something local. That’s what the adventure is all about!

3. Prepare a hand written card. This makes it personal and truly shows you put thought into making your guests feel welcome and appreciated.

4. Choose items that are useful or a one-time use only. You don’t want people travelling home with “junk”.

5. Print a map of the area and include a list of things to do or see. This will have your guests excited to explore.

Make it extra personalized by adding notes about why you chose the destination and which activities/tours you have done.

Happy Planning!

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