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At tcd we truly believe the simplest things are the prettiest things.

That being said, a great pattern or texture always gets me giddy with design excitement. I love working with clients who are open to a colorful theme and working with multiple shades and patterns to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Today we’re sharing tips on how to incorporate these trends without having a space that is too busy!

Choosing a color palette is most important; you don’t want to have too much going on.

We are all about mix and match as long as it’s done well and with thought.

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Remember this shoot we did with Whitney Heard Photography and Living Fresh?

We started with the magenta and tangerine color scheme and built in patterns and shades of pastel to soften the look a little bit.

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If your style is a bit more conservative, a runner or napkin on a lightly textures tablecloth is the perfect way to add a pop to your table setting.

Feeling bold? Try layering a patterned table cloth, runner and napkin. To be done well, you need to ensure you have one color scheme and simpler accents (ex: natural wood chargers and centrepieces or ghost chairs below).

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Looking for smaller touches of color?

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Hoping this leaves you inspired.

Happy Planning!

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