Q&A with Catherine

As a small business owner, I often get caught up in my work. My priority at all times is ensuring every client is having the best experience possible. I create lists upon lists and navigate inspiration page upon inspiration page and read so many stories to feel connected to others who have been or are on the same whirlwind entrepreneurial journey as I.

Although the determination and drive for success is great for one aspect of business, I’ve learned that people work with people they like, and sometimes it’s important to share a little more then tips/tricks/timelines. Sometimes it’s who we are that makes our clients choose to work with us. Today, we’re starting a fun feature that we’ll update periodically; Q&A our team created with me; owner, lead planner at the creative details.

T: What are you passionate about professionally? What about personally?

C: Is it bad if the answer is the same for both? Experience! I strongly believe life is all about experiences. The good, the bad, the messy, the extraordinary; it’s those stories that make life interesting. Whether it’s with clients, vendors, family or friends, I make it my mission to create positive encounters, to be part of those stories and give people memorable experiences. I hope this is what my couples want for their guests as well.

T: You spoke a lot about experience in the last question. What one word would you want people to use to describe an event you planned?

C: Corporate: Smooth; if everything was organized, on time and ran smoothly, my job was done well! Social: Giddy; there’s nothing like that fluttering feeling you get in your stomach when you are really really excited. I love to make every guest feel this way. You need to be relaxed to allow yourself to get this feeling and that’s the first step in enjoying yourself!

T: As a wedding and event planner you must see all kinds of things! What would your dream wedding look like?

C: Intimate, romantic and filled with personalized details.

T: Dream car?

C: Something big to fit all my stuff!

T: Guilty pleasure?

C: Stash of snacks in my car :)

Stay tuned! More on Q&A coming soon.

Happy Planning!

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