Bridal Shower Themes

It’s the season for showers, weddings, bachelorettes and celebrations! To assist in making your bride feel special, we’re sharing some fun shower themes!

1. The Tea Party. A classic theme that can be customized to fit any bride! Choose a fun color scheme, bite size treats and of course, a great selection of teas (hot and cold).

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2. Champagne Brunch. Celebrate with a pop of glitter and make your bride feel super special and glamorous with pretty details, fun games and bubbly.

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 3. The DIY afternoon. Choose a fun activity to do with your girls. Whether it’s a personalized mug, tote or centrepieces, have fun creating together.

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4. The Spa Party. Prepare a stations and have everyone bring a few nail polish colours. Put together a small bag with nail file and accessories for each guest and take turns giving each other manicures.

Looking to splurge? Have a mobile spa come and pamper the group!

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5. Wine Tasting. Do your research and find some wine variations and pairing for the group. Spend the afternoon tasting, pairing and sharing stories of the bride.

A little more budget? Find a wine connoisseur to host the tasting at your home or venue and enjoy!

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Looking for assistance planning? We offer Pay as you go consultations or party in a box packages!

Happy Planning!

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