Season 2: TCD

Well hello there!

It has been so long and we are so sorry. The business is busier than even and although we are so grateful for that, we have been slacking on the blog! Goal for the fall: post more often and keep you updated with behind the scenes at TCD.

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As I sit in my sunny office looking back at photos from this season’s weddings I realize how much I have learned and grown. I thought this would be fun to share with all of you!

So here we go, the top 5 things I learned this season:

1. It is never too late for an emergency. I had a real emergency situation with one of my couples this summer and it really put into perspective how quickly things can happen and how important it is to stay calm and focus on the solution rather than freakout. *Not to worry – everything and everyone is ok :)

2. Backroads are the best. With all the backyard/barn/private property weddings we have done, I now know my way around towns without traffic! Comes in super handy not to rely on the GPS!

3. I am physically and mentally stronger than I thought. Those outdoor weddings require a lot of set up and we got quite the workout this summer. I didn’t realize how quickly I could move (a lot of) heavy items when the pressure is on to have a space ready for guests. I also didn’t realize how many hurtful/confusing things I could deal with in my business. I have learned to take a step back, address concerns of others and focus on being always positive and myself for the benefit of my clients and brand.

4. You can never confirm too many times. You know when you have that itch to reconfirm something you know you have sent or discussed? You should do it! That quick email is so worth it. A reminder never hurt anyone and it will put you at ease to know you have double checked the details.

5. I have defined my brand. When I started this business I knew I loved people and their stories. I wanted to celebrate moments with them and personalize details to make their guests feel special. What I learned this year was how my personality and style has been applied to each one of those events and assisted couples in making their visions come to life (often because we share a similar style and perspective). Someone walked into our home recently and said “It looks and feels like your website!”.  I realized then I had a personal brand and I am so excited to meet new couples who relate to it.

That’s all for now loves! Happy Friday!

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