Trending: unique dishware

With today’s endless supply of inspiration, it can be difficult to decide which trends you want to incorporate into your wedding day or special celebration. Patterns, colors and textures are making a big appearance and for those who prefer a simple, classic style it’s all about finding a balance.

We love the idea of unique rentals. Whether it’s cutlery, dishes or glasses, there are now so many options to make place settings pop while holding a classic look.

Here are some of our favourites to inspire:

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A textured or colored charger plate instantly creates elegance.

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Experiment with shapes. We love the fun feel of a square or scalloped plate.

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Colored plate adds so much fun to a table!

Looking for a smaller touch of color? Opt for gold silverware or a trimmed plate.

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Happy Planning!

Trending: watercolor

One of my favourite trends for 2015 has been watercolour.

I love the way this technique allows you to control the amount of color you incorporate into your decor/stationary/cake etc. Whether you want a look that is fun and bright, deep and rich or light and romantic – this application makes it happen!

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We can’t wait to see more of this look!

Happy Planning

Bridal Shower Themes

It’s the season for showers, weddings, bachelorettes and celebrations! To assist in making your bride feel special, we’re sharing some fun shower themes!

1. The Tea Party. A classic theme that can be customized to fit any bride! Choose a fun color scheme, bite size treats and of course, a great selection of teas (hot and cold).

tea tea4


2. Champagne Brunch. Celebrate with a pop of glitter and make your bride feel super special and glamorous with pretty details, fun games and bubbly.

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 3. The DIY afternoon. Choose a fun activity to do with your girls. Whether it’s a personalized mug, tote or centrepieces, have fun creating together.

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4. The Spa Party. Prepare a stations and have everyone bring a few nail polish colours. Put together a small bag with nail file and accessories for each guest and take turns giving each other manicures.

Looking to splurge? Have a mobile spa come and pamper the group!

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5. Wine Tasting. Do your research and find some wine variations and pairing for the group. Spend the afternoon tasting, pairing and sharing stories of the bride.

A little more budget? Find a wine connoisseur to host the tasting at your home or venue and enjoy!

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Looking for assistance planning? We offer Pay as you go consultations or party in a box packages!

Happy Planning!

Q&A with Catherine

As a small business owner, I often get caught up in my work. My priority at all times is ensuring every client is having the best experience possible. I create lists upon lists and navigate inspiration page upon inspiration page and read so many stories to feel connected to others who have been or are on the same whirlwind entrepreneurial journey as I.

Although the determination and drive for success is great for one aspect of business, I’ve learned that people work with people they like, and sometimes it’s important to share a little more then tips/tricks/timelines. Sometimes it’s who we are that makes our clients choose to work with us. Today, we’re starting a fun feature that we’ll update periodically; Q&A our team created with me; owner, lead planner at the creative details.

T: What are you passionate about professionally? What about personally?

C: Is it bad if the answer is the same for both? Experience! I strongly believe life is all about experiences. The good, the bad, the messy, the extraordinary; it’s those stories that make life interesting. Whether it’s with clients, vendors, family or friends, I make it my mission to create positive encounters, to be part of those stories and give people memorable experiences. I hope this is what my couples want for their guests as well.

T: You spoke a lot about experience in the last question. What one word would you want people to use to describe an event you planned?

C: Corporate: Smooth; if everything was organized, on time and ran smoothly, my job was done well! Social: Giddy; there’s nothing like that fluttering feeling you get in your stomach when you are really really excited. I love to make every guest feel this way. You need to be relaxed to allow yourself to get this feeling and that’s the first step in enjoying yourself!

T: As a wedding and event planner you must see all kinds of things! What would your dream wedding look like?

C: Intimate, romantic and filled with personalized details.

T: Dream car?

C: Something big to fit all my stuff!

T: Guilty pleasure?

C: Stash of snacks in my car :)

Stay tuned! More on Q&A coming soon.

Happy Planning!


I have always been a summer girl. I love the beach-y, nautical looks and always have. Deep, bright, soft – I am a sucker for all shades of blue!

Today I’m sharing a navy details – a color trend I can’t wait to play with this year.


Untitled 3

First a few spring palettes – whether it’s combined with blush, coral or peach – a true navy adds elegance to these pastels.

Untitled 2


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For fall and winter we’re seeing a deeper navy paired with gold, jewel tones and creams.

For the Bride

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For the Groom

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In the space

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In the details

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So excited about this trend! Happy Planning!

patterns & textures

At tcd we truly believe the simplest things are the prettiest things.

That being said, a great pattern or texture always gets me giddy with design excitement. I love working with clients who are open to a colorful theme and working with multiple shades and patterns to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Today we’re sharing tips on how to incorporate these trends without having a space that is too busy!

Choosing a color palette is most important; you don’t want to have too much going on.

We are all about mix and match as long as it’s done well and with thought.

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Remember this shoot we did with Whitney Heard Photography and Living Fresh?

We started with the magenta and tangerine color scheme and built in patterns and shades of pastel to soften the look a little bit.

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If your style is a bit more conservative, a runner or napkin on a lightly textures tablecloth is the perfect way to add a pop to your table setting.

Feeling bold? Try layering a patterned table cloth, runner and napkin. To be done well, you need to ensure you have one color scheme and simpler accents (ex: natural wood chargers and centrepieces or ghost chairs below).

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Looking for smaller touches of color?

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Hoping this leaves you inspired.

Happy Planning!


Mother’s day is just one week away and we can’t think of a better reason to brunch!

As most of you know, I love to entertain – and although my mama is too far to come for the occassion, I love this day because it gives me the opportunity to make a few other special ladies feel appreciated.

Regardless of the reason to celebrate – the warm weather has come and we think it’s time to share our best brunch tips!

1. Timing. Make sure to invite your guests at the right time (it’s what creates this meal). Too early is breakfast, too late late is lunch. We’re planning brunch!

2. Put some thought into your menu. I love the mix of sweet and savoury this time of day. Try to incorporate a mix of both.

3. Plan ahead. Just like with any party/dinner etc. you want to enjoy your time with guests. Many recipes can be made ahead so when it’s time to prep all you have to do is pop them into the oven! Have a mimosa and enjoy :)

Sweet Things

Coffee cake with crumble topping. An all-time favourite, see the recipe here!

French Toast Casserole – easy, make ahead and always delicious. Here’s how to make it!

Build your own waffle bar. This is such a fun way to get your guests engaged and allow them to create a meal that is personalized. *You can do this with donuts too!


Savory Favorites

Brunch Eggs. I made this recipe a few years ago and it has become a go-to. The eggs are so tasty, cooked just right and are great on their own or on an english muffin/biscuit. *Next day leftovers make great breakfast sandwiches!

Herb Gruyere Biscuits. Amazing.

Ham & Swiss Pinwheels. I make these for any meal by swapping out the filling. For brunch I use ham & swiss.

Buy frozen puff pastry and let it thaw according to package directions. Roll out. Layer spinach dip (or dijon mustard), ham and swiss cheese. Roll up, cut into pinwheels and bake at 400 for 12 minutes or until golden brown.


My favourite mother’s day brunch tradition? Creating take home centrepieces for the ladies!

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Happy Planning!

the backyard wedding

A backyard wedding is a beautiful thing. A cozy, intimate, celebration filled with personal details and that’s why we love it!

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That being said, with an at-home or outdoor wedding comes a lot of factors to consider. To help you through the big stuff, we’ve listed our 5 top tips for outdoor celebration planning!

1. Have an indoor back up. This must be one of the most important parts of your planning. Always be prepared for unexpected weather.

2. Think outside the box when it comes to vendors. An outdoor wedding may require vendors that you wouldn’t normally need at a hall or full service venue. Think rentals, dance floor, lighting,  generators, washrooms etc. Take some time to research these vendors when putting together your budget.

3. Protect your guests. Sun, wind, rain and heat can do awful things to food and moods! Be sure to have a professional caterer who is well equipped to keep food cool and serve outdoors. Provide umbrellas, fans, consistent cold beverages and seating.

4. Provide parking and transportation options. Unless you have a large area available to your guests for parking, consider a valet service or transportation from a near by carpool lot.

5. Hire a planner. Unique celebrations (even small ones) often require the most attention to detail. A planner will be able to provide you with all the right tools and resources to make sure your bases are covered and all the details are taken care of so you can enjoy your day. Things like vendor permits and coordination, noise regulations, guest preparation, layouts and spacing etc.

Happy Planning!


2015 Dessert Trends


I could not agree more!

One of my favourite parts of planning events (professionally or personally) is working on a menu. Meals bring people together, thus why dinner is such a focus point of the evening.

Although cake is always a great option, here are a few other dessert ideas:

dessert dessert 4

Donuts or timbits! This is truly one of my favourite treats and I love that couples are choosing to serve this in place of wedding cake or cupcakes.


Mini pies give a true home-cooked feeling to your meal.

dessert 6

A gelato bar – this is perfect for outdoor receptions during those warm summer months! Refreshing and sweet all at once.

dessert 8

Macaroons! Light, bite size. You can have more then one :)

dessert 7

Splurging on dessert? How gorgeous are the gold accents on these individual cakes?

Happy Planning!

Day of Coordination: Service Details

Couples often question their need for a wedding planner. Is it in the budget? Will we loose control over the type of celebration we envision?

Great news! It doesn’t have to be a yes or no question. There is a happy medium for couples who may not be able to afford full planning services or who enjoy the planning process yet are looking for someone certified to be there on the day of the wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Day of Coordination services start approximately 2 months prior to your wedding day and give you that time to breathe and feel at ease that all details will be taken care of so you can enjoy with friends and family.

What is Day of Coordination?

  • The planner you hire as a day of coordinator will become the main contact for your vendors. He or she will finalize details and timing to create an itinerary that is concise for all.
  • He or She will meet with you to discuss all the details of your wedding day and create the itinerary and timeline leading up to the wedding day.
  • He or She will attend your rehearsal (and coordinate if needed)
  • He or She will be there for the duration of your wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly and be the main point of contact to ensure any concerns/issues are handled discreetly.

Additional inclusions:

  • Ceremony and reception set up
  • Ceremony line up & reception introduction orchestration
  • Continuous tracking of itinerary, deliveries, arrivals, set ups etc.
  • Disbursement of Payments & Gratuities
  • Access to wedding planner’s emergency kit etc.

Interested in Day of Coordination services? Let’s chat!

Happy Planning!