Fall is here!

The crisp air, the change in the color of the leaves and the nutmeg-cinnamon-pumpkin flavoured everything!

During my walk this evening I found myself dreaming of the sweet details that would be created for this season and next season’s fall weddings.. I felt giddy just thinking about the upcoming projects! (you know you love what you do when..)

Today I thought I would share a few of these details with all of you and inspire your fall decor!


Gold rimmed plates, metallic paint, a simple name tag and a tiny pumpkin- perfection! I just love this look.



chili bar

The season is all about comforting foods, warm colors and natural pieces.

fall colors

Stay tuned- fall entertaining tips, wedding menus and DIY projects are coming soon!

Happy Planning


At the beginning of the month I posted about my goals for September. Both in my personal and business goals I had listed “enjoy my vacation”. My vacation has come and gone and I must say, I really did enjoy it!

Did I work a little bit? Yes, because I have clients in September that I care for and of course I want to make sure all their details are covered. That being said, it did feel like a vacation and did cut down on the work talk/thoughts!

A road trip with my guy, some sunshine, a new city and some great food was the perfect way to regroup after the busy summer!

I thought I would give you all a look into my week in Charleston..


My favorite southern magazines for the road!


First stop: cookies & bbq!


The historic homes were so colorful and beautiful!


We attended a cooking demonstration at Charleston Cooks! and had such a great time


Of course I found a bakery selling these gorgeous white fondant floral cake toppers.. #love

What did I love most about my trip? Having some quality time to enjoy myself with my guy and getting to meet so many kind, warm hearted people! If ever you get chance to visit SC, please do, you’ll love it!



September Goals

As a part of the wedding industry I spend the summer on- the- go. With client meetings, paperwork, DIY projects, weddings and squeezing in family events, I forget to sit back and reflect on the busy season and what my goals are moving forward. As I sit by the window with my pretty view and a cup of tea I have decided to make myself a list (yes, another list!) of September goals. Even though the month is looking very busy I want to make time for a lot of important things!

Business Goals

Complete new website and showcase services and photos of this summer’s work

Network with 5 new vendors in Southwestern Ontario

Plan an amazing party for a favorite vendor :)

Catch up on paperwork and adjust my business plan

Enjoy my week of vacation

Personal Goals

Make time for exercise, a walk to clear your mind can work wonders

Print photos and hang them

Try a new recipe every week ( i love to cook!)

Have dinner with the girls

and again, enjoy my week of vacation :)


What are your goals this month? I find listing them makes me more accountable somehow.

Happy Planning!

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Happy Sunday Everyone!

 All summer I have been trying my best to enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors as much as possible (which can be difficult during such a busy time). After the busy-ness of yesterday’s wedding day, I have decided to sit out on my balcony with an iced tea and some magazines to just relax and “turn off” for a moment.

As I flip through the pages of magazines I am SO inspired by backyard parties and outdoor events. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this month’s gorgeous tented wedding.

outdoor space

So today I am sharing some tips to a successful outdoor wedding. They are amazing, but can be tricky logistically!

1. Have a back up plan. This has to be the most important thing in planning an outdoor affair. If the weather does not cooperate you need to have something in place to implement quickly.

2. Think about the position of the sun- yes it’s nice when you are at the beach but it may not be comfortable for guests to be sitting and eating in the direct heat (especially when you have a variety of aged guests).

3. Parking & Transportation. This is na important factor to consider for outdoor events which are usually in a secluded area, on a private property or in a unique setting. Having a designated parking area or shuttle service will make it much easier for your guests to arrive & depart.

4. Advise your guests. Depending on the location choice you may want to add some details or tips with your invitation or on your wedding website. Outfit choice, shoe choice etc. may be uncomfortable in your venue.

5. Don’t forget the extra costs! While tented wedding are beautiful, you have to consider the fact that you are starting from scratch. Everything from the tent itself to the floor, washrooms , decor and all rentals must be purchased and set up (this can add up quickly).

6. Plan your day accordingly. If you are going to be outdoors all day you want to have a very early or a later afternoon ceremony so your guests aren’t in the sun (or rain) all day. Late afternoon/early evening lighting is great for pictures too!


8. Match your menu. Plan for summer-y food, maybe stations or a buffet. The outdoor atmosphere lends itself well to a more casual meal.

9. Hire a team of professionals. Working outdoors can get messy- you don’t want your friends, family and wedding party getting dirty and working instead of enjoying with you.

10. Don’t stress about the rain! Unfortunately, we really can’t control the weather. Keep an eye on the forecast and stick to your decisions, if it rains you’ll have cute umbrella photos, if it doesn’t, Bonus!

outdoor event


Happy Planning

DIY Wedding Favors

Happy Sunday everyone!

After spending the weekend away with family (yet still working on some fun DIY projects for upcoming weddings), I was thinking about how much we can save and how much fun we can have thanks to all the amazing step by step tutorials that are available online.

Yes, time is definitely a factor to consider when choosing the add DIY elements to your wedding or event, however if it is something you enjoy, it truly makes the details extra special.

Today’s post is all about DIY wedding (or party favors) and I am sharing some of the great ideas I have found online. Plus one of my own. Enjoy!

DIY Smore’s & Hot Cocoa

Ice Cream in a Jar - this is so unique and fun for a summer event!

Love Spice

Chocolate Tasting

And for a winter wonderland wedding..

I love the idea of giving away a cookie cutter with a recipe. You can have a variety for people to choose from and it is something they can use over and over again to make memories with their families.


Happy Planning!


incorporating vintage

Vintage themed weddings and parties have been a huge trend the past few seasons. It really goes back to the something old, something new saying. More and more we are seeing couples incorporating old family pieces or simply great vintage finds into their special days.

Today’s post is all about finding that balance. Incorporating vintage yet still having those classic or modern pieces.



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Cake tables, signing tables and seating charts are a great place to add a lot of vintage pieces! Setting up a display where everyone will have time to stop and see is a perfect way to add those fun details or family gems!

Using old cake stands and vases are a really nice way to mix the vintage pieces with bright flowers and modern treats!


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Lauren & Ron's Wedding 87c649156f3919055a68116981d69f58




Our friends over at The Millionaire’s Daughter have THE BEST consignment furniture pieces. How amazing is this wedding display one of their creative clients put together with an item from their Aurora location


Happy Planning!

bridesmaids gifts

Having a great group of bridesmaids with you along the planning process is so important. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and sometimes your groom may not be so into it.. Having your friends to support you, listen to you or even just make you laugh can make it better!


Finding the perfect gift for your girls can be tricky- choosing the right sizes, styles etc. can be challenging when each girl is so different.

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite bridesmaids gift ideas- personalized and sure to make every girl happy and feeling appreciated!

westelm west

I just love a great tote! These awesome West Elm bags come in a variety of colors with an option to have them monogrammed. Fill these with goodies for the perfect gift!

611959653218 644911716959

Every girl needs a great luggage tag & travel size roll on perfume- available at Chapters, Indigo, Coles stores or online.

845918052921 845918073193

Love these sweet accessories!


Simple items like this notebook or your favorite nail polish make a great bag filler too.

Happy Celebrating!

baby girl shower

Last time we shared some inspiration for a baby boy shower and as promised, today is all about the girls!

Whether it’s a vintage tea party, a fun bbq or an upscale affair we think all mommies-to-be should have a shower personalized to them!

 20efead25a425408288f71c693d49551   shower favor

efa20c36066efdf9a858e555f1884353 umbrealls

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Don’t be afraid to mix DIY items with rented items for a casual chic look!

For more information regarding planning social events, contact us at info@thecreativedetails.ca

We can’t wait to hear from you! Happy Planning!

vendor spotlight: Whitney Heard Photography

You know when you meet someone that you immediately click with? Those people who can so easily make you feel comfortable and at easy? These qualities are SO important in the wedding industry and Whitney is definitely one of those great people I have had the chance to work with.

Not only is she sweet and friendly, she is super talented and provides a level of service I would want every one of my clients to have with their photographer (or any vendor).


Whitney-Heard-Photography_Family-Baby_Hip-Adorable-Luminous-03 10474464_250566071809502_6983491083847162404_n

After working together on a really fun, bright project, I thought Whitney would be a great vendor to feature on the blog. I asked Whitney the top 10 questions that brides have asked me in regards to photography and today I am sharing her answers!

1. How far in advance should I book my photographer? 8 months to a year in advance! Sounds crazy right? Photographers only have a certain number of weddings they can shoot in a year, limited by the number of weekends as well as the time it takes to edit the photos. So if you have a favourite photographer, be sure to contact them well in advance!

2. Is an engagement shoot additional or included in my wedding package? An engagement shoot is included in all of my wedding packages, as I find they’re a very good opportunity to get to know you: i. To see how you and your fiancé are in front of the camera! Everyone gets nervous, so I want to have a chance to make sure you feel calm and comfortable in front of my camera! ii. So you know what to expect from me! Your wedding photographer is going to be with you all day, it is important to feel comfortable with them, and know how they are going to act. iii. So I can get your feedback of the photos before the wedding day! So you can say, ‘Wow, I love that shot’ and ‘Im not sure I like this photo as much as the others!”, so that I know exactly what you would love for your big day. Many photographers do not include engagement photos in your package! But be sure to think about adding it on.

3. How long will you be on site on my wedding day? I find that 8-10 hours of coverage is ideal. Usually, I get there a bit before you finish getting your makeup done so I can capture some getting ready shots, and I leave after the first dance and cake cutting (depending how your day is scheduled).

4. What is the timeline for the photos to be ready? I have your photos finished and delivered to you a month after your wedding, unless you have requested your photos to be delivered on a rush schedule. For every hour I spend shooting, I spend at least two more editing. So, say I was with you for 10 hours, there is still another 20 hours of work for me to do, for editing alone.

5. Do your packages include an assistant or second shooter or this is an extra cost? A second shooter is extra–I don’t mind shooting alone!

6. What would you say is your photography style? I love bright, raw moments. I tend to focus on details, and make sure everyone is smiling!

7. How far do you travel? I have been all over for weddings! I just got back from shooting in Mexico!

8. Do you prefer guests not to take photos while you are shooting? I don’t mind during the ceremony, or other times during the night, but I do like to have alone time with the bride and groom so they can be comfortable, and we can get those intimate moments that are oh so romantic.

9. Do you provide retouching, color adjustment and other corrective services? I provide light editing ( Color, contrast adjustments, light skin touch ups, etc ) in all of my packages! I also include all of the photos in black and white so you know you don’t have to worry about that! Additional re-touching is extra, as it is very time consuming.

10. What has drawn you to the wedding industry? What do you like most about working in the wedding industry? The love stories, the people, and the details! I feel so blessed that I get to be a part of the bride and groom’s big day.

For more information on Whitney Heard Photography, click here!


to celebrate.

to rejoice in or have special festivities to mark (a happy day, event, etc)

I chose “planning personalized celebrations” as the tagline to my business because I loved the idea of celebrating.

I love being part of an exciting moment/day/event with my clients

To me, there’s an energy that comes with the idea of celebrating.

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For those of you who have invited and welcomed me in planning your celebrations big and small, thank you!              You make my days so exciting and give me something to celebrate